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Cleo Provides Support and Peace of Mind for Employees and Their Families

Finding a balance between raising a family and being a working parent can be a challenge. As WTIA Association Health Plan (AHP) members, you and your employees don’t have to go it alone. WTIA has partnered with Cleo to help you better support your employees and their families on their parenting journey.

Cleo provides personalized guidance from family planning to expecting up through parenting children up to age 12. It’s a comprehensive support system designed to help current and future parents make the best possible decisions from everyday moments to critical challenges in their unique parenting experience. 

Cleo Guides Deliver 1:1 Support

When they enroll, your employees have the option to be paired with a dedicated Cleo Guide. Cleo Guides are trained and certified parenting experts who can provide 1:1 virtual support on a variety of topics. Employees are paired with a Cleo Guide that aligns with their values or unique parenting journey. For example, parents of special needs children have the option to be paired with a Guide who specializes in children with special needs, or a person of color can be paired with a Guide who is also of color. This personalized support is designed to celebrate individuals from a variety of backgrounds and lived experiences and help answer your employees’ questions (big and small), making parenting moments easier for them and their families. Cleo Guides have extensive experience working with families and are specialists in the issues and challenges your employees and their families may face. 

Cleo Guides support families in 15+ languages, which means your employees can get support and guidance in their native language. The available languages include English, Spanish, French, Farsi, Danish, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Quebecois French, Russian, Turkish, and Urdu. Employees can also message their Guide and set up phone and video calls, depending on their communication preferences. 

The Cleo App Offers Families Opportunities to Learn and Connect

In addition to a Guide, the Cleo app offers a comprehensive library of content, resources, tips, and live and on-demand events to assist parents and caregivers as questions and new milestones come up. The Cleo app features information on topics like childcare, child development, career, sleep, family dynamics, feeding, and more. 

If they choose, employees can add a partner or family support member to the Cleo app (as long as the employee meets eligibility requirements). That person will also have access to the Cleo app, Guide, and available Cleo benefits. Cleo also offers personalized tips tailored to the needs of your employees and their families, as well as a centralized hub for their health, childcare, and family support benefits. 

Employees will always have access to their Cleo Guide, but they can also sign up for 1:1 sessions with specialists like sleep coaches and lactation consultants. Additionally, they can get their questions answered on a wide range of topics through virtual community workshops and expert Q&As through the Cleo app on subjects ranging from “Journeys to Parenthood” and “Prepping for the Newborn Phase” to “Back to School” and “Finding and Defining Your Parenting Style” and more. 

Employees can use Cleo whether they have one or more children 12 and under, are looking to grow their family, or are expecting. Cleo can help working parents and caregivers with almost any parenting question, concern, or challenge. From considering and family planning to pregnancy/adoption/surrogacy, up through raising preteens, Cleo is there to support your employees. They aren’t limited in the number of sessions or resources they can access with Cleo. 

WTIA will offer Cleo for new employer groups that sign up for health benefits effective Dec. 1, 2022, and later. Cleo will be available for existing WTIA health plan clients in Q1 2023. WTIA will provide Cleo free of charge to employer groups for the first year.

For more information about how to help your employees make the most of Cleo to get support on their parenting journey, visit, contact your broker, or reach out to Raven Mencias at

Raven Mencias

Raven Mencias is the Sales Director of the WTIA Benefits Program. Connect with her here.

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