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Distribution Resources


We’ve compiled a collection of resources you can use to distribute and educate about the 401(k) Tech Collective. Below, you’ll find email templates, social media best practices, and more.

Email Content

You can find below a sequence of emails used by WTIA to market our 401(k) MEP in the past. Feel free to edit the language and content as it makes the most sense for your audience. For context, WTIA sent these emails in a sequence of three, sending each one approximately 5-7 days apart. 

Subject: How a 401(k) multiple employer plan can improve your business

Dear {{first_name}},

Is managing your company’s 401(k) complicated, difficult to administer, or expensive? The WTIA 401(k) MEP is a turnkey solution built to solve those challenges. WTIA is a consortium of 1200 companies with the power to negotiate high-value contracts on your behalf and build programs to serve hundreds of companies like yours. A strong 401(k) plan is key to recruiting and retaining talent — WTIA has built one that lowers your costs and is easy to manage, plus we do most of the admin work! 

The WTIA 401(k) Tech MEP benefits include:

  • Simple plan design with flexible options
  • High-performance and diverse investment options with 3(38) fiduciary investment advice and 1-1 education for your employees.
  • One simple pricing structure that includes audit, 5500, and compliance reporting completed for you
  • Pricing based on the combined assets of the MEP members 

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about our program or take a look at our website to see how you could explore starting a 401(k) retirement plan for your valued team. 


Subject Line: How one company boosted their 401(k) participation to nearly 100%

Dear {{first_name}}, 

I’m sharing a recent case study of a company that struggled to get participation in their Simple IRA program and how WTIA was able to help them solve this problem. Our association has helped companies retain and attract new talent for 37 years through our rich employee benefits package. That’s why we created a 401(k) MEP. 

In this case study, see how one growing business increased its participation among employees to nearly 100% by joining the WTIA 401(k) MEP.

I would like to explore how our program can help you. Email me a few days and times that work for your schedule, and I’ll follow up with a Zoom invite.


Subject Line: WTIA 401(k) MEP helps you retain and attract top talent

Hi {{first_name}},

It is increasingly difficult to hire and retain top talent. This is especially true at fast-growing tech companies like yours. A quality 401(k) plan can help, which WTIA explained in a recent blog post.  

With fall well underway, I am reaching out to HR professionals like you to see if there is any interest in learning about the WTIA 401(k) MEP plan. I would be happy to share how it has helped more than 1,000 tech companies across the country establish and optimize 401(k) plans that minimize unnecessary fees and maximize employee satisfaction. 

Would it be helpful if we scheduled 15-20 minutes to discuss how some of these topics may align with your company’s strategy? Feel free to book some time on my calendar here{{insert calendar link}}.

Our 401(k) MEP plan has helped HR professionals just like you minimize unnecessary fees and maximize employee benefits. I would like to set up 15-20 minutes to discuss how WTIA can help you. Email me a few days and times that work for your schedule, and I’ll follow up with a Zoom invite.


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